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Olushola Salami, CEO / Managing Partner, A Square Consulting

Olushola Salami

A-Square Consulting

I am from Epe, in Nigeria, happily married with two children.

I have worked in various business organisations and industries including retailing, hospitality, consultancy and so on. But, presently and to the glory of the Lord, I manage my own business organisation as the CEO/ Managing Partner of  A-Square Consulting, Lagos Nigeria

A-Square Consulting is a human capital training, development and consultancy organisation providing services to corporate individuals, private organisations, government and non-governmental organisations with a focus towards building a quality and efficient workforce across Nigeria and the international business environment. We offer strategic business management, development and a complementary wide range of services to our clients.

Our main objective is to bring about a total turn-around and a wholesome development of the human capital and resources in public and private establishments.  Our focus is to put forth objectives to provide excellence service delivery towards building a work force capable of effectively developing/managing projects in all sectors of the economy.  My role generally  covers recruitment, facilitation, lecturing, programme management, general operations and overseeing the general daily activities of the organisation with my colleagues.  

I would never have thought of this career line, because of my undergraduate degree was a BSc in Geography (Social Sciences), from the prestigious University of Ibadan, UI, Nigeria but the journey started at Greenwich London College in the United Kingdom where I  started with an Advanced Diploma course in ABE Travel ,Tourism and Hospitality Management (2007) and an Advanced Diploma in Human Resources Management (2008), before I proceeded to the London School of Commerce for my postgraduate diploma in Business Administration and Management (2009) and finally, the University of Wales (now Cardiff Metropolitan University) where I completed my MBA in 2010. From this point, the love and passion for business developed and this led me to a business management and consultancy services career, the path I now love so much and am happy doing.

Studying ABE courses had contributed a lot to my career progression as it opened ways for me to explore the dynamism in the changing global business environment. It has contributed a lot to my experience in life as most of the things I learnt in the classroom are now being used practically by me .

My advice to new ABE learners is that they should please take all the stages of their studies very seriously because you never know where you will find yourself in the future career wise.  

Also, my ABE courses/certificates paved the way for me to be a member of the Chartered Management Institute, UK, and have created lots of opportunity for me in Nigeria and West African sub- region.   I now belong to many professional organisations widely recognised on the continent.