Omar Ophelio Ford, Jamaica - Top Paper Award in Introduction to Management Information Systems Studied at B&B University College

MF&GOmar FordI chose to study ABE at B&B because, compared to the other courses, ABE was the only one that would allow me work experience privileges and because of that I was able to land a job as a filing clerk at an investment company one month after I had finished the Level 4 course.   My plan was to find a job that suits my needs and expectations and build up enough money to continue on to the ABE Level 5 Diploma.

I would say the best thing about studying with ABE are the lecturers who taught it and the fact that I got to go on work experience because in order for me to attained the job that I wanted I had to have some form of work experience and I was seriously lacking in that area.

Skills I have gained from ABE are; interpersonal skills, computer skills and etiquette skills. Others were skills I had already possessed but I got the chance to improve on them because of ABE.

My tips for successful study are:

  • Don’t engage in any other activities after studying for about 10- 15 minutes, give the brain time to process and store the information it has received. 
  • Study little by little. This will give the brain the time it needs to rest, store away the information and to commence processing other information.
  • Focus on studying one subject area at a time. Studying too many at a time will tend to confuse the brain.

Long term my plans are:

  • Work at a manager’s position or become a successful entrepreneur
  • Help my family financially
  • Buy my dream house
  • Get married
  • Buy my dream car
  • Early retirement