Onneile Chalashika, Botswana - Top Paper Award in IT in Hospitality and Tourism Operations, studied at New Era College

Onneile ChalashikaI live with both my parents and two siblings.  I have done a Diploma in Network Engineering and have worked at a diamond company previously.  

I find the benefit that comes with being a member of ABE is the quality of study.  Most people value ABE highly and believe that it offers quality education standards.  You know that you are getting value for your money.  I am able to think outside the box, broadly explore other veutures and industries, and I appreciate studying more.  

My study tip is to not depend on the notes or study manuals given, research and learn to investigate all aspects before reaching a conclusion.

After completing ABE, I want to venture into the tourism industry and open my own travel agency.  In the long term, I want to own a five-star hotel where everyone from the least to the greatest would be able to afford quality service.