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Passing ABE assessments - some inspiring facts

ABE is scrupulous about its academic standards.  This is essential, it means that universities and employers can rely on our qualifications.  It also means that people who achieve our qualifications know their subjects and can be genuinely very proud of their achievements.  It is what gives an ABE qualification its value and currency.

However, our rigorous academic standards can sometimes lead to the false perception that our qualifications are too difficult.  This is far from the case, look through our website and social media and you will see it’s packed with stories from successful ABE graduates around the world. 

To illustrate that passing ABE assessments is more than achievable, here are some key facts from the June 2018 sitting:

June assessment facts

What to do if you did not pass a unit:

We recommend talking to your tutor and using the Portal to see the examiner’s notes on the type of answers they were looking for.  Also, make sure you fully understand the learning outcomes you need to demonstrate for each unit.  Do more background reading if something is not clear.   If you do this, use all the ABE resources at your disposal, and study hard in the areas that may have let you down, you are likely to soon be celebrating along with the many thousands of other successful ABE graduates.  

Good luck!