Philip Billy Chanza | ABE UK

Philip Billy Chanza, Examiner – Pensions and Insurance Supervision, Reserve Bank of Malawi

Philip ChanzaI am a 36 year old married man with three kids namely Victor, Favour and Shalom.  My wife, Eluphy Mlombwa, is also currently studying ABE Business Management.  Since I graduated from college, I have worked in the financial industry in the fields of microfinance operations, commercial lending and regulation of financial institutions. I worked with the following organisations: FINCA Malawi (an international Microfinance organisation), Opportunity Bank (Malawi), and Malawi Savings Bank.

I currently work for the Reserve Bank of Malawi (Malawi’s Central Bank).  It is the regulator of all financial institutions in Malawi and therefore responsible for licensing and regulating the financial industry to ensure that there is a sound and stable economic environment.

My job basically involves conducting preliminary analysis of licence applications and monitoring market players’ compliance with relevant laws and regulations to ensure prevalence of a fair, transparent and efficient insurance industry.  I enjoy the analysis part as an opportunity to make decisions and recommendations based on fact.

Initially my “O” level certificate was not good enough to be considered for university education so studying ABE Administration opened up doors for me.  Through the University of Malawi I was able to apply for Bachelors degrees in Human Resource, Accountancy and Business Administration without even sitting for University entry examinations which was one of the requirements then. I was exempted from the first year and graduated with a Degree in Business Administration.  ABE provided me with a good foundation for my degree and I was among the few in our class who gained a Credit.

My advice to those starting out is that ABE is key to your career success as it is recognised worldwide and you can choose which area to concentrate on at a later stage since it’s so broad.”