Pilirani Kalizang'oma Zimba | ABE UK

Pilirani Kalizang'oma Zimba, Accountant, Delegation of the European Union to Malawi

I live iPilirani Kalizang'oma Zimban Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi. I am married to Duncan and I have two beautiful children. My daughter, Mayamiko is 5 years old while my son, Mayankho Matthews is 1 year old.

I work for the Delegation of the European Union to Malawi. It is basically a donor organisation which offers a lot of financial support to Malawi through various programmes. The Malawi office has about 51 colleagues in total.

I am working as an Accountant in the Administration Section. I am responsible for among other things; preparation and management of the administrative budget – making sure we have enough funds and that funds are being used for the intended purposes, preparation of the payroll, processing various payments to suppliers and contractors as well as colleagues and compiling reports for our Headquarters.

I really enjoy my job as I love calculations and sorting out complex issues. Therefore, I really enjoy opportunities where I have to use my initiative to solve potential problems and propose solutions to colleagues. I also love my job as it is not monotonous; I do various tasks.

Having worked as a secretary for two different organisations, I moved on to join the Delegation of the European Union in 2005 where I worked as an Assistant to the Ambassador and Head of Delegation. I felt the need to advance my career and do something different so I decided to start my studies with the ABE. Therefore, I was studying while at the same time working. About 5 years later, when an internal vacancy came up for a Human Resource Assistant, I applied for it and I was given the position due to my ABE qualifications. Shortly after that, another vacancy came up for an Accountant and I got the position as I had by then attained my Diploma in Accounting as well. I have now been working as an Accountant for about 4 years.

I started studying with ABE in 2005. Upon completion of the course, I decided to continue in Accounting as I loved the accounting modules in ABE. I registered with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) where I was given four exemptions because of my ABE Diploma in Business Administration. I found some of the modules in ACCA easier because of my background with ABE. I hope to finish next year, becoming a Chartered Certified Accountant and attaining my Degree in Applied Accounting. I liked the flexibility of studying with ABE as well as the study resources available. I would have completed my accounting studies some years back but I had personal hiccups along the way (marriage, maternity leave and children).

I would encourage those starting out to go ahead and register with ABE if you are hesitating. If you have already registered, I encourage you to continue. ABE has assisted me in my path to progression and I know it can do the same for you. Their modules are very good and they have all the necessary study resources on their website. Upon completion of the ABE syllabus, you can be exempted some modules in other courses like I was, or you can go on to the third or fourth year of a university degree."