Preet Kanwar Singh, Oman – Top Paper Award in Corporate Strategy and Planning studied at Ramford Institute of Business Management

Picture of Preet SinghI was born in India but moved to Oman. My father owns a few businesses and I hope to join him and expand it using the knowledge from doing the Business Management  course.

I have been studying ABE from the past 2 years here in Oman. I came to know about ABE through an advertisement on Facebook by Ramford Institute the place where I study ABE.

ABE is a better option than studying for an academic degree. Even though I have a science background I found it relatively easy adjusting to ABE. The course has given me knowledge regarding various theories, models and concepts which can be used in real life when running a business.

ABE is spread in many countries which gives me an opportunity to study at a place of my choice if I ever think of studying in another country. I would like to thank my parents, teachers and the Dean, Mr. Ramzeen Ismail for their support.

The best way to study the course is to pay close attention to the learning outcomes. I have been studying using the manuals provided by ABE and have found it easier to study the material using the outcomes. I would recommend courses by ABE to anyone who seeks a fast and easier way to move up the ladder.