Ropafadzo Nyaku, Zimbabwe - Top Paper Award in Business Plan for Enterprise Start-up / Enterprise Start-up / Understanding Entrepreneurship, studied at Speciss College

Ropafadzo Nyaku

I’m 19 and from Bulawayo. I had just completed my A Levels when I started my Diploma.

I’ve always known that no matter what profession I chose to go into, business would be a part of it. So I looked for a short course on basic business to get me started and help me understand elementary business principles.  

I plan to further my education with a number of other courses and degrees, some business related and others in the field of Health and Medicine. The knowledge I have gained from my Diploma has been, and will continue to be, a big part of how I run my business which I look to expand in the near future.

While studying with ABE, I felt like I was part of something bigger than an examination board trying to make some money.  It seemed more of a community than anything; people cared about how I was doing, how my lessons were going, whether or not I got to my exams on time.  I was kept up to date with any changes that could affect any part of my studies.  I was the only one doing the course but my teachers were dedicated and even though teaching me took them out of their regular schedule, I always got a 100% from them. It would have been easy for them to slack off but they didn’t.

The course has opened me up to several possibilities. There are things that I already knew but somehow never used practically until I did my Diploma.

Don’t read concepts to pass the exam, read them and think, “How can I apply this to my own career?” There is a lot to be gained from simple definitions, don’t think one topic or lesson carries more weight because of its difficulty.  Always be willing to learn, to look at a definition or chart and see meaning. Apply as much of what you learn to yourself as possible. It’s what sets people apart.

The future looks really great. I have a set career that I want to pursue, the safe normal option that a lot of people are taught to go for, that I actually love and look forward to. But I’m also not limiting myself to any one thing, I’m going after every dream I have, no matter how small. We all have so much potential in us and I’m hoping everyone learns not to limit their mind.