Ryan Deonarine, Trinidad & Tobago – Top Paper Award in Introduction to Management Information Systems studied at the School of Business and Computer Science

Ryan Deonarine with lecturer Miss WinterI am 17 years old. I reside in a small area known as Palmyra Village which is on the outskirts of San Fernando, a larger commercial area in Trinidad. I live with my father, mother and older brother.

I chose to study ABE because of the possibilities it presented to me, although when I first started doing ABE Level 4 the full range of possibilities were not totally clear to me. It was because of my lecturers and course administration I was able to truly see what opportunities were within my grasp. This realisation is what bolstered my reasoning for choosing ABE, it is much faster than other traditional learning opportunities such as A Levels.

ABE is truly industry relevant in that what I and other students learn from this course can be directly applied to the real world of business, and for me; a person that once hated school due to the monotony and lack of real discussion this was an amazing experience. If I had to again, I would choose to do ABE Level 4 over other opportunities.

With ABE being industry relevant, this characteristic is key in an environment like Trinidad’s where employers cannot waste time training employees.  The ABE programme forces students to take the initiative and be truly independent, which to employers is an admirable trait.

My immediate plans for the future are already in effect. I have moved up the educational hierarchy and I am currently pursuing a BTEC diploma in Computing and Systems Development. I simply could not be where I am today with all of the skills and knowledge that I currently possess without ABE.

For me, the best things about studying with ABE were the resources available to students from their website. Not having to scavenge and search for past papers was truly a blessing as less time was wasted on finding papers and more time could be spent practising questions. In my previous academic endeavours sorcing past papers was always difficult . However this was never the case during my level 4 diploma.

My long term career plans  are follow along the lines of potentially working in my father’s business and applying what I have learnt so that I may potentially make it bigger and more profitable in future.