Sabita Lalbiharie, Trinidad & Tobago - Top Paper Award in Project Management, studied at CTS College of Business and Computer Science

Sabita LalbiharieI am a graphic artist studying in Trinidad.

It is an honour to receive the ABE Top Paper Award for the Level 6 Project Management unit. Many thanks go out to my lecturer for his guidance in this module along with the necessary assistance from my support network and the admin team.

Registering with CTS to pursue the ABE course of study was one of the best decisions I have made both financially and career wise. The key to passing all my exams was not by chance but rather through having a strong desire for knowledge and finding the learning style that was right for me.  The best thing about studying with ABE is the flexibility - it allows students to complete the programme regardless of their circumstances.

In order for one to successfully pursue such programmes, it is essential to first harness a sound understanding of the concepts underpinning business management practices both in its traditional and contemporary forms. This for me was achieved at the previous level through a series of lectures, study sessions and analysis of past paper questions and answers. One can benefit greatly by understanding how the modules inter-link as this will set the foundation for all other modules to follow in the advanced level.

From studying with ABE I have gained leadership skills, time management and marketing skills and the life skills required to adapt to changing environments.  My advice to those facing challenges is to persevere. Sometimes it may mean having to get it wrong 10 times only for you to discover how to get it right the 11th time. 

My immediate plans after completing my current qualification is to complete the top-up degree with the University of Hertfordshire.  My long-term career plan is to become an entrepreneur and future leader.