Selveena Parmanum, Mauritius – Top Paper Award in Information Systems for Strategic Management (self-study)

Selveena ParmanumI come from a small family of two children. I have an elder brother. My late mum was a retired Community Welfare Assistant and dad is a Photographer. After I completed my Higher School Certificate, I did some courses in Human Resources Management and Information Technology. I have worked in various companies where I was attached to the Marketing and Administrative departments. I am currently working as Photographer Assistant in a self-employed business.

I chose to study with ABE because of its flexible programmes. ABE offers a variety of courses which are professional, cost effective and which are recognised worldwide. Its Business Management programme covers the knowledge and necessary skills that are required to adapt yourself in a constantly changing business environment.

The ABE courses are quite popular in Mauritius. These courses are run in various institutions across the country. Those who have completed the ABE courses are nowadays occupying senior posts such as CEOs, directors or business analysts in well-known companies both across the country and abroad. If Mauritius is serious about developing a credible Knowledge Hub, it is imperative that it secures and strengthens its tertiary education set-up. Hence, the Government of Mauritius is investing huge sums of money every year by providing facilities such as educational loans so as to encourage its citizens to become more knowledgeable, thus be well-equipped to face the work challenges. Nowadays, employers do recognise the fact that the ABE provides a professional qualification that is universally applicable and provides all the academic expertise and skills required to excel in a management role. Thus, employers are willing to act as sponsor for their employees’ ABE courses.    

God bless if I successfully complete my current ABE qualification, I would like to do the level 7 of this course programme.

ABE has a reputation worldwide for its professional courses that are accredited by Ofqual. The ABE qualification can help you get a direct entry to university courses or simply be equipped with the skills needed to excel at work. Its flexible programme allows the student to decide whether he/she wants to study on a full or part-time basis or by self-study.  There is no restriction about the time period you are willing to take to complete the course and no restriction on the number of subjects you want to sit for exams. ABE also provides you with numerous online resources that are very well structured and help students tremendously in their studies.

For successful study it is important to recognise the fact that to study is a choice you have make yourself. Time management is vital if you want to succeed. Do make a schedule. Have a plan about the time to study, time to work or to do other activities. It is also important to find time to relax by say; do some sports activities, some meditation or yoga so as to evacuate the stress. It is essential to understand the content of the syllabus and what the subject is all about. Apart from relying on the recommended manuals, one must do your own research work by gathering notes from other sources such as magazines and internet. Last but not the least, start preparing your notes early and keep yourself focussed. My motto to succeed is simple: ‘Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, willingness to learn and most of all, love what you are doing’.

Long term, I see myself as top performing employee in a well-established company. I would like to be in a position where I will be able to lead a team through my expertise and ethics.