Shanna Bruno, St Lucia - Top Paper Award in Marketing Policy, Planning and Communication studied at National Research & Development Foundation

Shanna BrunoI am the last of three children.  I have completed Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Level education.  I am currently employed with Bank of Saint Lucia Limited where I have worked for the past 8 years.  I hold the position of Loans Disbursement Officer in the Credit Administration Department.

I chose to study ABE as it allows me to pursue further education at my convenience and at an affordable cost.  I studied my ABE course at the National Research and Development Foundation.

My immediate plans after completing my ABE Qualification are to pursue a Masters Degree in the field of Business.

The best thing about studying with ABE is that the programme is affordable and it teaches me to think outside of the box.  ABE has taught me to analyse the many internal and external factors that affect an organisation much more critically.

The tip that I can give for successful study is for students to carefully determine their style of learning and design a programme that suits them. I realised that the way I learned was quite different from other students, for example, it is extremely difficult for me to sit and read for too long. Understanding this about myself has helped me to look for other creative ways to accomplish my work.

My long-term career plan for the future is to have my own business and to develop my passion for natural medicine.