Siddiqa Sattar, Tanzania – Top Paper Award in Accounting for Financial Managers studied at Financial Training Centre

Picture of Siddiqa SattarWell, I was brought up in Dar Es Salaam. I belong to a nuclear family, with four siblings, of which two are pursuing their studeis with ABE.  During my secondary education, I received a number of achievements, to mention few: leadership, poem writing, participation in science exhibition and year book production.

ABE is a renowned qualification, offering flexible education opportunities to students worldwide. Studying ABE for me is not just a matter of choice, but also an opportunity to exhibit my talent in business related fields as I believe business touches on pretty much every aspect of modern human society. ABE is a combination of academic challenge and practical focus that makes it highly appealing to students and is highly collaborative with today’s modern business environment.

There are lots of students who’re working together with studying ABE in Tanzania, with ABE qualification there are a lot of job opportunities for students who can work both part-time as well as full-time. So both the public and employers have affirmed ABE as a professional qualification.

Studying with ABE, you really feel that you belong to the qualification and that you’ve made a right decision choosing ABE. Moreover, the syllabus and units that are covered, are both theory and practical oriented, this makes studying more fascinating and more stimulating.