Suwilanji Siame, Zambia – Top Paper Award in Marketing Policy, Planning and Communication (self-study)

Picture of SUWILANJI SIAMEI am from Lusaka, Zambia’s busy capital. I am the first born with two  siblings. I completed high school in the fall of 2009. I work for the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation as a Commercial Producer. I am pursuing Marketing Management with the Association of Business Executives (ABE).

ABE came highly recommended from a man who had no interest in my life whatsoever. I still can’t believe I listened to him. He bumped into me and a friend along Cairo Road perusing through ABE course outlines. He stopped and asked what ABE stream we were pursuing to which we told him we were contemplating. He explained the benefit he had derived from the programme. Days later, my desire to know about the programme became insatiable. I got more information from the ABE Zambia Office and from their explanation; ABE is deliberately designed to make busy professionals thrive.

I was bestowed with a scholarship by Mr Sinkala the ABE Area Manager to study Marketing Management and the scholarship covered my examination fees. This scholarship really inspired me to work extra hard as I knew nothing but work was necessary to retain it. The content of the programme is effective. The study manuals are designed to spare the bush and go straight to the point thereby making the whole learning an educational walk in the park.

ABE in my country epitomises professional education in the minds of many. Most marketing and business executives seeking to advance their education see ABE as a route of choice to enhance their qualifications. ABE’s Entrepreneurship programme has been well received by business owners and local entrepreneurs. Others may not have commenced studies yet but it has established a distinct position in their education plans. My employers recognise ABE as a qualification of efficiency. Our organisation’s Business Development Manager is an ABE graduate and so are some members of our sales and marketing department. This evidently demonstrates the organisation’s recognition of ABE as a superior qualification.

My immediate plans are to put my knowledge to use vigorously. This I will do by conducting freelance marketing consultancy for firms especially around media and broadcasting.  ABE tilts the mind-set of learners from a life of studying to pass an exam to a life of studying to learn for education. The exams are neither tailored to fail students nor to test their memory but to assess whether they are ready for the real business and work environment. The programmes are designed to engage a learner and see if he/she is ready to apply their knowledge in the business or work environment. ABE doesn't’t limit education to the study manual but demonstrates dynamism through the encouragement of students to monitor the internet, their local newspapers and news.

The skill to study and teach myself is key among many others that the course has helped me develop. The QCF materials engage me as a learner. A case in point are the Examiners Reports which highlight to me the lapses in past exam sessions that I work on as I prepare for my own examinations. My analytical abilities have heightened since commencement of my studies. I am better able to monitor markets in my environment and contribute to debates about business growth through the knowledge gained in my studies.

I would like to further advance my marketing with ABE and study for my Masters in Malaysia. I desire to launch a company that will serve as a marketing campus for media firms.