Tedetia Chance | ABE UK

Tedetia Chance, Assistant Accountant, Donemar Limited - Jamaica

Tedetia ChanceI am the eldest of three children. I have always had an interest in business. Working in an accounting environment has provided the means in which I can express my potential. 
I am currently employed by Donemar Limited the island’s primary distributor for medical supplies to public hospitals and health centres.  As the Assistant Accountant my main responsibility is to manage the public accounts. I ensure that clients are kept up-to date with their account status.  Also, it is important for me to implement new policy and procedure that aids the financial performance of the business. I manage both accounts owed and payable, communicate with clients and design suitable credit terms and payment policies. I also assist with the preparation of company’s financial accounts.
My job allows me to make decisions that are in the best interest of the company. I like the fact that I am able to link it to things that are covered by the ABE syllabus, this provides me with guidance to carry out my everyday tasks. I also enjoy that, with the decisions I take, I have created a faster turn-around time for outstanding debt. To see result of the work I have done keeps me motivated each day. 
Previously, I was working at a beverage company when I decided that I need to further my studies. It was very expensive for me to fund a tertiary education plus to be working at the same time was a challenge. My tight schedule would not allow me to sit in a classroom. I came across ABE online.  I did my research and realised that it gave me the option for self-study. I decided to pursue that option because it gave me the opportunity to take on as much work as I was able to manage at any one time. The fee was manageable too. This for was a breakthrough and a foundation on which I could start my Bachelors degree
The ABE course work is very in-depth and current. The ABE qualification is globally accepted and can be used as entry to gain a Bachelors degree. I am now in my final semester with the Heriot-Watt University pursuing the BBA in Business Management. After five years working as an accounts receivable clerk, I was able to get a job offer as the assistant accountant at Donemar Limited. ABE has helped me to make this change in my life. I can combine my on the job experience with ABE qualification. I am proud to say ‘ONE LOVE’ ABE for creating and paving the way on which I am able further my studies.  
I would say to students starting out, they have embarked on a life changing programme that will impact on their career in positive ways. The lessons learnt from the ABE course will help them in their professional life. This path that these new students have taken with ABE.  It has created the foundation for further academic development. The ABE course is intense – allow sufficient time in order to achieve a desired result.