Terri-Leanne Bruff, Zimbabwe – Top Paper Award in Introduction to Business studied at Speciss College

Terri-Leanne BruffI am a young woman living in Zimbabwe with my father and step-mother. I enjoy dabbling in art, travelling and experiencing diverse cultures with occasional retail therapy. I studied up to my A’Levels following which I worked as I was unsure about my career path.

I chose ABE because I considered the course and subjects beneficial, reasonably priced and practical, especially for one who is working and studying simultaneously.  ABE is still fairly new to Zimbabwe and has started becoming renowned.

As ABE is an internationally recognised qualification which broadens my career prospects, it will put me in good stead to take advantage of opportunities as I plan to travel and experience the world.

ABE is tailored to the individual student’s lifestyle. It is not specific to any demographic and the course syllabus is so broad it encompasses all aspects of business. Upon passing, a student’s employability is increased in this demanding and competitive environment.

My studies have improved my understanding of how a business is run overall; its procedures and systems.  Due to the practicability of the subjects offered, I am utilising the aptitudes I have gained.

My tips for successful study are to be disciplined and consistent and do not to let daily life detract you. Draw up a study timetable well in advance, one that is attainable and well-paced to suit your learning speed and schedule.

Long term, I have entrepreneurial goals to manage a business of my own, I am still undecided as to which industry to pursue and am exploring my options. In the meantime, I will absorb from those who have successfully done this already.