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Tips for remote learning

This blog is written whilst Covid-19 is causing unprecedented disruption to face-to-face teaching.  Schools, colleges and universities around the world are having to close, but this shouldn’t stop the learning. Here are some tips for remote study:

Stay connected

Studying remotely can leave you feeling isolated and struggling to stay engaged and motivated. Reach out to other students, participate in discussions, offer support and ask questions.  Remember that you are responsible for your progress and results, so make effort to participate and get engaged. Don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do.

Be organised

Without a need to leave the house it is very easy to get distracted and give into procrastination. Try sticking to a daily routine as much as possible - getting up and getting dressed is a good start.

Have a plan for what you want to accomplish during the day and stick to it. Decide how you will reward yourself once you’ve completed everything for the day. Have breaks, but make sure you finish them on time.

Be curious

You probably will have more time than before, so use it wisely. Don’t just focus on the study guides and textbooks. Use online resources to read around the topics you are studying. Make sure you reference them resources correctly, if you decide to use them for your assignments!

Some useful links with free resources:

And finally, if you are reading this during a period when the Coronavirus is causing disruption in your country, we'd like to quote Liggy Webb, internationally renowned life skills consultant, "Listen to the advice that is being given by your government. If you are vulnerable, then self-isolate and if you are not in that category then respect the lives of others and do what is being asked of you. We are all in this together and we all need to take responsibility. And most importantly, be positive, curious and hopeful. This time will pass and there will be a great deal that we can learn from."