Great reason to study ABESuccess!   You have achieved your ABE Diploma.  All you need now is your certificate.   This is what happens after results have been published.

We have a meticulous process to ensure all marks are fair and consistent, Anita Stubbs, ABE's Quality and Compliance consultant, explains how this is done.

Can parents really have it all?  A lot of families now require two incomes to survive, and working or studying whilst raising small children can be incredibly tough.  ABE’s Marketing Executive, Vicky Brannan, has recently returned from maternity leave.  Here she explains how to hold it all together.

Fifteen year old Magnus, had a week's work experience at ABE.   He shares his story ....

alumni3Regional manager, Aloyo Amateshe,  describes the recent networking event for ABE alumni in Kenya 

Munir LoneABE's head of university partnerships, Munir Lone, describes the lavish signing ceremony which took place in Ghana to confirm the degree top up agreement between ABE, London South Bank University (LSBU) and Pentecost University College (PUC). 

Kate at graduationTV interviews, meeting employers and a lavish evening ceremony to celebrate ABE graduates are all in a day's work.

St Lucia groupABE's marketing director, Kate Winter (pictured centre), on her trip to meet our colleagues in St Lucia....

Because of the variances of postage please allow three months (in the case of postage directly to a private address), from the release of results,

You have the result you wanted.  Now is the time to make sure nothing delays or affects your certificate.  Here are a couple of simple checks to en