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Gillian MacfarlaneThe ABE Way encompasses our mission, values and culture.  As an organisation, we exist to empower people to transform their lives, providing them with the skills to be adaptable, have self-belief, and thrive in a volatile world.  These are the values our staff and team are committed to and they run through all that ABE does internally as well as externally.  Gillian Macfarlane is responsible for ABE's HR.  Here, she explains how she uses the commitments of The ABE Way in her approach to ABE's HR service as well as its policies and procedures:

Social cropThis infographic tells the story of ABE in the 12 months from March 2020.  It was originally created for ABE's internal staff, who work incredibly hard and don't always have time to step back and look at all the things they help to achieve.  It got such a warm reception that we thought it would be nice to share it more widely as it celebrates all of our stakeholders.

RelaxedThis blog is to highlight the key differences between regulated and unregulated qualifications.  In the UK the qualification regulator for England is Ofqual.  According to Ofqual’s own general conditions when referring to a ‘qualification’ they are talking about a regulated qualification. This however this is not always the case with many awarding organisations, centres and employers using the term ‘qualification’ to describe unregulated provision. This can often be the cause of a great deal of confusion, particularly for students.

Bounce-back-abilityIn the wake of disruption caused by the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, ABE has been focusing on bounce-back-ability.  This is the term we've adopted as we look at ways to support our stakeholders - from individuals, to centres, to corporate clients, to communities - so they can bounce back stronger and more resilient.  In the following blog, ABE's Asia Director, Suren Verma, talks about what this means to him

Great reason to study ABESuccess!   You have achieved your ABE Diploma.  All you need now is your certificate.   This is what happens after results have been published.

Business Stay-up speakersABE's Chief Executive, Rob May, talks about what led to ABE being involved in this campaign, which focuses on how young businesses can be supported to avoid unnecessary business failure.  Based on an independent analysis of 10,500 business owners across 21 countries

You have the result you wanted.  Now is the time to make sure nothing delays or affects your certificate.  Here are a couple of simple checks to en

ABE has a meticulous process to ensure all marks are fair and consistent, this blog explains how this is done.

Rob MayA blog from the recent workshop on catalyzing the innovation spirit in Africa, organised by the Commonwealth Secretariat and delivered by ABE's Chief Executive, Rob May, "It's so important that we recognise that young people are Africa’s greatest natural resource."

Fatima studyingIf you’re new to assignments, to help you get a clear idea of what the steps are, here is a brief overview of the ABE process.