Karungari KahendePR Practitioner, Caroline, chose to study ABE because she recognised high quality management skills are vital to her career progression.

"The ABE management course allows me to understand management from a business context, which I can then apply in my daily tasks."

Zhong DanlingZhong chose ABE because it offered a professional qualification and would develop her English language skills.  She plans to continue her academic path overseas.

"I think the best thing is that the ABE learning method makes it easier for us to get a degree and saves a lot of time."

Austin MbetaAustin has always dreamed of working in marketing and hopes to gain some corporate experience before opening his own agency.  

"Studying long hours is not always a key to understanding something but showing an interest and commitment is."

Hazra OgirBusiness owner, Hazra, believes that studying an ABE Business Management qualification has changed her life for the better.

"In my view studying ABE qualifications has made me a better person. Managing people and a business is always a challenge, especially where satisfying stakeholder expectations is concerned. I believe I have gained valuable insight and the right tools needed to analyse situations more comprehensively and make better decisions."

Wai Yan MoeWai decided to study ABE because of the value the qualifications hold within Myanmar. His new-found knowledge has given him the opportunity to develop real-word business experiences, which will be invaluable when he develops his long term goal of running his own business.

"ABE is recognised globally and has produced many successful entrepreneurs in Myanmar; where the superiority of the qualifications is evident in job requirements."

landrine mbidimbomLandrine, looked in to studying ABE on the recommendation of her mother and came to realise it was the best course to meet her future ambitions.

"The best thing about ABE is that it trains its members to become professionals not just write exam and pass without knowing anything."

Jasreet Kaur BharijJasreet chose ABE because it offered a professional qualification and management skills.

"Employers value the ABE qualification as they are aware and value the skills that employees are able to achieve through ABE hence making a difference in their organisations."

Wasim MuljiWasim was drawn to the relatable, and extremely thorough nature of ABE qualifications. Keen to make himself and his family proud, he is determined to continue his studies, and use the knowledge he has gained from ABE to help him achieve one of his long term goals of achieving a doctorate degree. 


"I do not know what my future holds, but keeping my dreams and aspirations in mind, I want to get an MBA, and then go on to achieve a PhD! I would also love to work hard and earn a position in the top-level management of a company one day; trying to improve and grow, whilst investing my ideas, and skills fostered by ABE ".

Gertrude OpareGetrude chose ABE because of its international recognition and practical courses.  She plans to use her qualification to open her own business.

"Employers recognise ABE as a well-qualified programme which is an advantage for candidates applying for a position."

Frida GomaniAdministrative assistant, Frida, plans to forge a career in senior management before setting up her own business.

"I have had the most amazing tutors, they really played a very big role in my learning  experience  and contributed to my rewarding examination results."