Amosi Robert BAnda“The best thing of studying at ABE is that it’s a body which is recognised, affordable and which provides flexibility in its learning system such that within a semester you can earn a Diploma. It is also an easier way to progress to a bachelor degree with its qualification as most of the universities consider it as being consistent and having the same value with their learning system.”

Amosi studied ABE Human Resources level 5 in Malawi. Taking advantage of ABE flexibility and affordability, he is going on to get a level 6 Diploma so that he can progress to a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management. 

"Jacob NirwaI will continue my work as HR Officer in a hospital of 170 beds, including 5 health Centres with a staff of 140 employees.  My knowledge of various fields in HRM and in other business strategies and practices as a result of my ABE training will be helpful and are greatly needed here."
Jacob needed a formal qualification to help him in his busy role.  He found ABE offered exactly what he wanted.

"Hsu Myat AungI chose to study ABE because it is globally recognised and has very high standards. That’s why winning such a great award really means a lot to me."

Hsu plans to use her ABE qualification to find a job, then top up to an MBA and eventually build her own successful business.

Dumisani Banda“ABE is highly regarded and considered one of the powerful qualifications one could have. Employers comfortably employ ABE graduates both in the public service and private sector.  I would now like to start a business so that I put to practice what I have learnt and also to create employment for others.”

Dumisani is working whilst studying and recommends keeping up to date with global current affairs to help gain a wider perspective of issues.

Djanita Peerthum-Juwaheer "I chose ABE because it is regarded prestigiously and it was the best choice for me to climb up the ladder at a quick pace. ABE qualifications enable me to acquire a lot of knowledge in a short  time and thus apply it in my daily work."

Administrative office, Djanita, chose ABE to help her get the skills she needed to teach in the travel and tourism sector.

Debora Mbah Keng "The best thing about my ABE studies is that it helps me know the various departments in an organisation and its activities. It has also helped me in managing different resources especially time, money and people."

Debora plans to use her ABE qualification to progress with her career before going on to study for an MBA.

Chuu Shwe Cin"The best thing about ABE is that I can learn all the courses in any order over any time period. I have gained much knowledge from classmates, as they are from different business environments, and I have developed many skills such as communication, management and presentation."

Chuu is planning to use her ABE qualifications to go on to an MBA overseas.

Brian MukojaBefore ABE, I had never tried accounting but in a short duration of two weeks l had acquired a novice set of skills that helped me plan more efficiently in business and life in general."

Brian has enjoyed success as a teacher and a pianist but realised business skills would provide him with greater options for the future. 

Anjalee Wijewardane"It was prominently my brother who inspired me to follow this course. He studied with ABE and upon his completion of Level 6, the recognition he obtained from universities to complete his Bachelors final year was immense. I followed the same path and was welcomed by many universities to complete my undergraduate degree." 

Anjalee is a compliance professional at HSBC.  She tells how she manages to successfully combine study with her full-time job.