Anaka Priscod AkemechaUniversity administrator, Anaka, plans to progress to a Masters degree and use his studies to forge ahead in his career. 

"ABE provides resource material for study which is very useful and I have gained many skills since I started this programme, for example, preparation of budgets for the financial year, auditing information systems , preparing financial statements and management of people."


Kishan RathodKishan has studied both Business Management and Marketing so that he develops all round expertise and can choose his future path.  He thanks his lecturer Mr Evans Onditi (also an ABE alumni) for helping him to achieve his award.

"I chose ABE because I  wanted to attain a qualification that is recognised both locally and internationally and which would allow me to get exemptions so that I am able to complete my Bachelors studies at university level."


Emmanuel DukuOffice clerk Emmanuel, saw that ABE qualifications would offer him the opportunity to work in many fields.  He is already applying his studies to his job and, long term, plans to become a hospitality manager.

"A skill I gained from studying ABE has been applying the knowledge acquired in a work environment and using it in solving problems. My leadership and management skills have really been improved."


Jemima LawrenceJemima likes that ABE enables her to study at her own pace and she plans to use her qualification to top up to a degree.

"I have acquired a great amount of useful and important business skills such as customer care, analytical skills, and handling complaints in a more professional manner and this has allowed me to expand my knowledge in the tourism sector and the current issues around the world."

Pau Kandiwo Business consultant and enterprise architect, Paul, found his ABE studies so inspiring he went on to take every ABE Diploma in addition to gaining other qualifications including an MBA.  He is currently completing an MSc in Information Systems.

 "I settled on ABE as a launching qualification due to its course content (approach, focus and relevancy to the business environment both domestically and internationally), flexibility in study and the reasonable rates of exams in comparison to other professional bodies."

"The unique and contemporary syllabus provides the requisite competencies to attain employability in the labour market, no matter how tight."

Victor was initially planning to study law but chose ABE after recommendations led him to review the syllabus.