Tracy Cathery, Mauritius – Top Paper Award in Sustainable Tourism, Planning and Development studied at Elite Business School

Tracy CatheryI am a Mauritian citizen and grew up in Botswana. After completing high school, I did not know what career path I wanted to pursue and I came across the ABE Travel, Tourism and Hospitality programme.

I chose to do the  programme because travel is the leading sector in the economy of my birth country. I completed my Level 4 certificate and Level 5 Diploma in Botswana; then relocated to Mauritius and completed my Level 6 Advanced Diploma at Elite Business School.

Transitioning from one country to another was challenging but with the help of my lecturers and new colleagues, I was able to complete my Level 6 modules in Travel and Tourism.

I have enjoyed my entire experience studying ABE.  It has taught me how to be a critical thinker as well as how to be an independent learner, using my skills to develop myself in the business world.

ABE has offered the most affordable fees and it has a flexible timetable that allows one to have a balance between their social and educational life.  ABE has allowed many students, as well as myself, to study and complete a chosen career in a short period of time.

I am currently in an internship at a hotel in Mauritius in spa management.  My job right now is quite challenging but through ABE, I have an advantage of putting and applying theories into real business situations. 

In the long term I plan to complete my MBA in Human Resources but for now, experience is key and I have a lot to achieve before taking my career to the next step.

All that I can say to any fellow student who is also pursuing a pathway in ABE is that past examination questions are the key to successful examination results. It is important to review past question papers in each learning outcome to know what question will most likely be asked.  What I did with my other colleagues is categorise each question according to each learning outcome and revised for exams in that manner. I guarantee it is the one of the best ways to plan ahead for an exam.