Victor Peacock-Sawyerr, Sierra Leone - Top Paper Awards in Human Resource Development / Performance Management and Reward, studied at Institute of Public Administration and Management

Victor Peacock-SawyerrI was born in Bo District.  Recently I secured a part time job at the AIPRO college as a lecturer.

Although I initially thought to study law, I opted for the ABE based on recommendation made by my friends, mentors and existing students who perceived the course to be challenging but achievable; and moreover, its international recognition.  The unique and contemporary syllabus provides the requisite competencies to attain employability in the labour market, no matter how tight.  On completion of my ABE qualification I would like to secure employment but also embark on Continuing Professional Development especially in the area of human resource development, law and accountancy.  

What I like about the programme are the challenges produced by the course which have provided us with a culture of self-reliance. Also, we are given the opportunity to familiarise ourselves with contemporary management theories and knowledge which helps us apply them in real life business situations.  There are so many skills gained from my studies; the emphasis made on topics like, added value; making a difference; a first good impression have helped me a lot in the work place, making me distinctively identified and praised for an excellent job done, especially in being proactive rather than reactive. More interestingly, managers feel comfortable in conversing with me as ABE has completely upgraded my diction and vocabulary.

For successful study, I usually read the manuals in other to familiarise myself with the preferred modules.  I also try to make sure that I understand the learning outcomes, past questions and suggested answers before going for the exams. Emphasis must be made more on past questions and suggested answers because they provide knowledge of what exactly is expected from us.

Lastly, I just want to tell students that, ABE is never to be a race... it is self-paced, I implore that students choose what they are able to do with little or no consideration about what others are doing in order to reduce work-overload and academic burden. As the saying goes “by the yard, it’s hard; but inch by inch everything will become a cinch.”

Long term,  I want to work within a Human Resource Management/Development field with a legal focus such as  labour laws or employee relation.