Vinati Maharaj, Trinidad and Tobago - Top Paper Award in Human Resource Management studied at CTS College of Business & Computer Science

Vinati Tasli Maharaj

I come from a small, nuclear family consisting of my mother, father and sister. After SEA Examinations I continued with my secondary school education where I studied primarily Science subjects. During my time in secondary school. I attended various courses and seminars which both enhanced my knowledge and also prepared me for many other situations which I faced later on.

My greatest passion is the Arts, for which I have received gracious recognition, and in which, I plan to further develop my abilities.  However, the biggest part of my life and successes so far, involves my parents and my Guruji, who are responsible for everything good and virtuous which I am today, especially my mother.

ABE is one of the more cost-effective programmes and was highly-recognised and recommended, with sufficient resources and easy-to-use online features and services, which is one of the best things about studying with ABE. Also, they provide feedback and information about individual memberships and examinations, so as to minimise the risk of misinterpretations. I am currently studying ABE Business Management.

In my country, ABE has made an outstanding impression on the public and gives an advantage to candidates applying to a position, as most employers recognise ABE as a well-qualified programme. After the completion of my current ABE qualification, I plan to start working and continue to study Human Resource Management. Studying with ABE has helped me to improve my research and essay-writing skills, while simultaneously assisting me with broadening my vocabulary to become more knowledgeable and competent in the formulation and development of essays, and in preparing for future occupations and ventures. It has allowed me to become more independent, and to learn the essential skill of time-management.

In the future, I plan to own a successful business in the Arts, and expand as much as possible, while also developing programmes and opportunities for the lower income segments who possess talent and skill, but lack funding.

In my experience so far, study must be balanced with self-time, and reflection and meditation. Something new should be learnt every day, even if there is only enough time to learn just one thing each day; and, things which are learnt, should be applied as much as possible.

Most important of all, learning should be an exciting and adventurous journey, which helps us to better understand the world we live in, and to appreciate the myriad of roles and functions in our society.

Due dates and deadlines, along with exams, are of course, some of the most terrifying moments, but what’s an adventure without the thrill of fear and passion, entangled with a desire to successfully reach your destination while conquering our fears along the way?