Wai Yan Moe, Myanmar - Top Paper Award in Business Management at the Business Institute Yangon (BIY)

Wai Yan MoeI am a 20-year-old student from Yangon. Despite being the only child in my family, my parents taught me to become independent and adaptable to different settings. After I finished high school, I worked as a volunteer organiser in a non-profit organisation. Simultaneously, I was searching for private foreign institutes which offered diplomas and degrees. During my pursuit, my uncle recommended that I study ABE as he had used the qualifications to help him do his MBA abroad.

ABE is recognised globally and has produced many successful entrepreneurs in Myanmar; where the superiority of the qualifications is evident in job requirements. Employers recognise ABE and many managers themselves are holders of ABE qualifications.

I chose to begin my journey with ABE at Business Institute Yangon (BIY) because of its excellent service, reputable lecturers, and strategic partnerships with local and foreign institutes.

Since completing my ABE Level 5 Diploma, I joined BBA Programme from Paris Graduate School of Management at BIY. The university recognises ABE as a valuable prior learning assessment, which sets me on the fast path to graduation. I am determined to carry on studying my ABE Level 6 Diploma next year before I do my MBA and found a start-up.

The best thing about ABE is that it connects theoretical concepts with real-world business practices. Therefore, the students have to read case studies, which help them in decision making.

Since I did not have a lot of real-world business experiences, I paid close attention to the lecturers. In addition, I studied according to the learning outcomes, practised previous exam papers and read articles from business journals and Harvard Business Review. In my free time, I listened to podcasts, watched business news, educational YouTube videos and TED Talks. I also help my friends studying ABE Level 5 in school; sharing my knowledge and experiences in conversation clubs. Thanks to ABE and BIY, I have gained many skills.

In order to achieve a Top Paper Award, a student should know how to answer assessment questions creatively using real-world experiences. I would like to give my appreciation to HR lecturer Professor U Aye Kyaw who always teaches students by connecting theoretical concepts with his years of professional, and life experiences. I am also grateful to our principal Dr Aye Aye Mar for sending the students to soft skills training in the strategic partner institutes, organising the field trips to Myanmar’s top organisations, and providing other courses such as presentation class, and academic writing class.