Wasim Jamil Mulji, Kenya - Top Paper Award in Economics for Business, studied at Jaffrey Institute of Professional Studies

Wasim MuljiI live in the coastal city of Mombasa. Being the last born, and the youngest in my entire paternal family, the benchmarks set were indeed daunting. However, with the support of my incredible parents and sister (I would be lying if I hadn’t said that she set the highest benchmark), my journey through my educational background was challenging, though fun. At 18 years old, I have tried to accomplish a lot to the best of my ability. Oshwal Academy Mombasa was the first stage of my education, where I found passing junior school and senior school to be a breeze. I enjoyed collecting some good memories, positions of responsibility and achieving my IGCSE O Level grades. Thereafter, I enrolled myself in Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies early 2017, where I currently pursue ABE Level 5 qualifications.

Inspired by the phrase “best practice” emphasised by His Highness the Aga Khan, I chose to study ABE as I believed it would be the best option to progress my dream of becoming successful in the business field one day. ABE gave me the flexible options to gain credits which will be incredibly handy whilst applying to universities, as well as a plus point on the basis of merits, thanks to this award, which I am grateful to receive.

I began my studies with ABE Level 4 and I am very much grateful for the support of my college throughout the process. Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies has been with me throughout my journey; it is the supportive administration staff, good friendship and incredibly talented mentors and tutors, who have helped in guiding me to succeed.

ABE is not predominant in Kenya; however, many are realising its potential to unlock career options and awareness is indeed spreading. Previous Jaffery alumni have used their ABE Diploma to get themselves respectable positions in companies, which fuels my hope to one-day reach such heights within the business sector. The future seems bright for ABE in Kenya, as many are taking an interest in the qualification.

God willing, my plan after studying ABE would be to use my merit and Level 5 Diploma to gain credits and complete a Bachelors degree with an ABE affiliated university. After this, I would like to begin working and trying my best to ascend to new heights within my career.

The biggest advantage of studying with ABE is the relatable, and extremely thorough units provided at every level. Each unit focuses on different aspects of business and gives a complete understanding of the ever changing nature of the business environment. The updated RQF qualifications, with the new addition of assignments, gives ABE students a chance to sit for exams each quarter, speeding up the completion time of the course, and increasing chances of success.

Although I have not begun working, I feel like ABE has equipped me with the necessary skills to kick start my working life. I now possess a new range of skills; writing memos, reports, taking minutes, corporate letter writing, mapping stakeholders in MSR, identifying business needs, and a thorough understanding of organisational strategy, and international standards. 

I believe that everyone has their own manner of studying that works and applies to them. Some may study by reciting aloud, some with writing down key points, others with their own ingenious form of recalling, but what I can stress is the importance of organising your time. Time is something that doesn’t wait for you, so plan accordingly and exploit it to the best of your ability. That, in my view, is the key to success.

I do not know what my future holds, but keeping my dreams and aspirations in mind, I want to get an MBA, and then go on to achieve a PhD, because being called a Doctor without doing a medicinal degree sure does sound attractive to me! I would also love to work hard and earn a position in the top-level management of a company one day; trying to improve and grow, whilst investing my ideas, and skills fostered by ABE.