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What to do if you didn't get the grade you needed

FrancescaIt is always hard to face the fact that you didn’t get the grade you expected. You feel demoralized, frustrated and sometimes the first thing to do in your mind is to give up.

“I have studied so hard for this exam and I failed. What is wrong with me?”

In my experience as student I have faced this situation more than once. It is normal for everyone. But don’t panic, there is a solution to every problem!

Failing is not something to feel ashamed of: every failure brings with itself a lesson and it is useful to understand what you need to do to improve.  This is true in student life as well as in everyday life.

In my opinion, the first thing to do is a self-examination: “Did I try my best?”, “Have I studied in the right way?”, “Have I put all my diligence into it?”.  You have to be really honest with yourself: pretending to have done something that you didn’t is pointless and it prevents you from reaching your goals.

If the answer to your self-examination is “Yes, I did my best”, maybe you didn’t really understand the subjects and you need to revise it. You can log into the Members Area and look at the examiners reports to see what exactly what answer they were looking for from each question. You could also speak to your tutor to go over any areas where you lack confidence. Otherwise, if the answer to “Did I try my best?” is “Not really”, well, you can’t complain. You don’t have to give up. You can do the exam again, this time studying and working harder to get the mark you want.

If you really want something, go and get it. You can do whatever you want!