Francesca Visioni| ABE UK

Why I chose to be an international intern by Francesca Visioni

FrancescaI am Francesca Visioni, a 24 years old student and I live in Milan, Italy.  In my country I am studying Corporate Communication which is a Masters Degree that provides knowledges about Marketing and Communication, and for a little part also about Human Resources Management.

This is not my first time in London but certainly is my first time living and working in a foreign country.  I am excited and scared at the same time for this new experience. 

First, I have to learn how to live by myself with people that I don’t know and second, I have to learn a new job from zero in a language that is not my mother tongue. 

It was hard to take this decision and come here but I am happy to have done it because I want to prove myself that I can do that all alone.  Moreover, I want to give to my CV extra points to be more competitive in the Italian job market, which is almost collapsing right now because of the crisis. 

With this experience with ABE, I hope to become more self-confident and autonomous in order to manage all the situation that possibly could happen in a job place. 
In particular, I choose ABE first because I wanted to work in the marketing and communication field and this role gives me the opportunity to do that. I am sure I will learn a lot here.

Second, I have chosen this company because the service they offer is in line with what I have done in my previous internship in Italy, in which I was dealing with professional courses, even if ABE operates in a completely different framework.

I think that a foreign experience lets you understand a different way of working which you can’t experience in your own country: this helps you to be more open minded and certainly a better worker in the future.