Certificate Checklist | ABE UK

Your essential certificate checklist

You have the result you wanted.  Now is the time to make sure nothing delays or affects your certificate.  Here are a couple of simple checks to ensure everything goes smoothly!

Your name.  Remember the name on your ABE documentation is what will go on your certificate.  This is taken from the information supplied at registration so if your name has been shortened or misspelt, or it has changed, please correct it as quickly as possible:  email [email protected]

Your address.  If you have registered through a college, it is most likely that your certificate will be sent to that college.  This works well as your college will log its receipt and ensure it gets to you. If you have registered directly, check that the correct postal address is registered against your name.  In some countries certificates may go to your area manager but they may we may still need to post it to whatever address is against your account.  

For full details of the certification process please see our earlier blog, 'Great exam results, now what about the certificate?'.

We congratulate all learners who have passed and wish you every success in your future endeavours.