Zhong Danling, China - Top Paper Award in Effective Financial Management, studied at Guangdong Peizheng College

Zhong DanlingI come from Guangdong province in China.There are seven people in my family. My dad is a businessman, my mom is a housewife. I have two younger sisters and two younger brothers. I am currently sophomore student.

I chose to study ABE because it can strengthen English as well as business management professional skills and it is convenient for travelling abroad, studying abroad and other related activities.

Chinese students must learn both English and business management skills. For most people, it is more difficult. And there are few institutions to learn and the threshold for learning is high. Although it is a bit difficult to learn, it is a professional skill that is difficult to duplicate. There are many benefits to our employment or future.  I plan to start preparing for IELTS and I want to study abroad to learn more.

I think the best thing is that the ABE learning method makes it easier for us to get a degree and saves a lot of time.  I learned different communication and strategic skills in the workplace.The most important thing is to learn business management skills.

Don't just use one way to study. Use a variety of methods which will involve all parts of your brain . It's important to study every day. However, don't exaggerate! Study for thirty minutes every day instead of two hours once a week. Short, steady practice is much better for learning than long periods on an irregular basis. This habit of studying every day will help keep knowledge fresh in your brain.

In terms of my own view of professional competence, in a certain sense, my perceptual ability far exceeds reason, my logical thinking ability is high, but my language expression ability is medium. I am more interested in the majors I have studied and will choose careers related to management after graduation. First of all, I will exercise myself at the grassroots level and look for the best direction for development. Second, I will determine my own goals based on my own work experience. Finally, if time is good, I believe there will be good results.