Zin Zin Khaing, Trade and Business Services Officer at British Chamber of Commerce & Business Development Officer, MHR | ABE UK

Zin Zin Khaing, Trade and Business Services Officer at British Chamber of Commerce & Business Development Officer, MHR

Zin ZinIn 2010 ABE was recommended by a relative to Zin Zin. She was interested in business but she did not know which specialism to choose – marketing, hr or general business. She chose to study at MHR because it had a sound reputation and could offer her flexibility. She joined MHR after high school she did her levels 4, 5, and 6. After Level 6 she applied to study Business Management at Huddersfield University in the UK. She had done her research and found that studying in the UK really gave her the best option because, thanks to her ABE qualifications, she only needed to complete one year to get her undergraduate degree.

Graduating with a first class honors degree in Business Management, Zin Zin was then offered a full scholarship for her Masters degree. She did her research and could have gone for a wide range of universities in the UK, including the Russell Group of universities, but the full scholarship was of course an enticing offer and so she accepted it.

During her studies in the UK, MHR had helped Zin Zin gain real world skills working in different organisations.  She found that the challenge of work plus studying kept her very busy but she is an extremely positive and determined person, so she took on the challenge and has just graduated with her Masters Degree.

“ABE is very intensive,” Zin Zin says. “There are lots of theories mixed with practical experience.  Students get a good grounding in business management at all levels and they cover a lot of subjects. This helps because later you can concentrate your studies on a subject that really interested you.”

Zin Zin is now working as an ABE tutor and she fills up her time in the evenings helping staff in large organisations improve their business practice and process. Her day job is for the British Chamber of Commerce in Yangon.  This is a really exciting and varied role because there are lots of British companies interested in setting up or doing business in Myanmar.

Talking about ABE’s updated programmes, Zin Zin said, “Its really good that ABE has a new syllabus and it’s very exciting for Myanmar. We can now study the same fresh content as all the other students in the world, and the course content has been updated to make it really interesting and refreshing. ABE has also introduced assignments and this is a new way for students in Myanmar to learn and to be assessed. It is exciting because in the past students thought that undertaking research was for other people to do.  But now students have to think independently and produce their own reports. They are also introduced to concepts like employability right at the start of their course.

“Now we have access to concepts like entrepreneurship early on in our studies. This means that students are better equipped as they mature. For lecturers the updated content means they have access to better materials and there will be more interaction in class. MHR is starting the new courses now and we are all very excited.”

Zin Zin recommends ABE because it is low risk: “It gives students an overview and if they like it they can go on to university or a onto a good job, but if they don’t like it then you can leave the programme. Its really flexible and relevant. “