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Naresh Rhajcoomar"I have developed better interpersonal and leadership skills and I am now able to perform my duties in a more professional manner through the range of my knowledge in HR being extended continuously."

Naresh is working in HR for Cheddi Jagan International Airport Corporation and wanted a qualification that would fit in with his work and help him develop further in his profession. He found ABE provided this and is planning to progress to Masters level study and become a lecturer in the field of HR.

Flora Kitonga"The best thing about studying with ABE is the flexibility of its programmes, and the high-quality, affordable qualifications offered. Also the relevance of the content to my workplace"

Flora has worked in an HR department for a few years and decided to study for a formal HRM qualification to help her further develop her career and workplace skills

Alena Callender“I chose ABE as my avenue of study primarily because of the great reviews  of the programme given by former students and the difference it made in their lives”

Alena enjoys a dynamic role as Service Manager at her local airport and chose ABE as a qualification that would give her the skills to adapt to a quickly changing work environment.

 Farisha Ali“The best thing about studying ABE is that it is advanced and modern. It highlights the changes in the world.”

Farisha is highly motivated and has already achieved great things in her career.   She has chosen ABE to help her gain the skills she needs to achieve her long term ambition to be a successful entrepreneur.

Waheeda Shaw"I intend on furthering my studies through a top up agreement made by ABE with countless universities for distance learning so that I may gain a BSc (Hons) in Financial Management."

Waheeda grew up with a love of business and finance and shares with us some great tips for successful study.

Zaituni ItujaTanzania's area manager, Zaituni Ituja, describes the alumni networking cocktail evening, which saw ABE centres, students, the regulatory authority, the exam centre provider, HR professionals, the media and other interested parties at the Best Western Coral Beach, a hotel set by the ocean just out of the busy city centre. 

Omar Ford"I chose to study ABE at B&B because, compared to the other courses, ABE was the only one that would allow me work experience privileges and because of that I was able to land a job as a filing clerk at an MF&Ginvestment company one month after I had finished the Level 4 course."

Omar is already putting his qualification to good use in his new role and has shared some useful tips for study success.

Anjalie SimbooAnjalie has achieved an astonishing seven Top Paper Awards, having already won five in past sessions.  She provided this interview after her first wins in 2016.

ABE has assisted me in becoming an increasingly independent and efficient budding professional.  Having a positive outlook is the first step in being successful at anything you aspire to accomplish."


"Natasha Chatukuta I decided to study with ABE as it offers a course in travel, tourism and hospitality management and the qualification can be achieved in a space of six months to a year."

This is the second Award Natasha has won and she has provided a brief update to her previous story.  

Vanda DolbyVanda Dolby works as an assistant accountant at ABE's London head office and was given the opportunity to attend the ABE graduation ceremony in Malawi.  Here she talks about the people she met and how they have given her a different perspective on her work.

Kate at graduationTV interviews, meeting employers and a lavish evening ceremony to celebrate ABE graduates are all in a day's work.

St Lucia groupABE's marketing director, Kate Winter (pictured centre), on her trip to meet our colleagues in St Lucia....