Posts from ABE, our students, alumni and friends - enjoy the read

Selveena Parmanum"Those who have completed the ABE courses are nowadays occupying senior posts such as CEOs, directors or business analysts in well-known companies both across the country and abroad."

Selveena plans to use her ABE studies to develop a career in leadership.  She also shares some great tips for study success.

"Peter Njue NdwigaWith ABE I have gained managerial  and organisational skills in amid of plethora of other skills.  This has enabled me to show great professionalism in my tasks, chores and duties which has facilitated my monthly salary to triple. Kudos ABE."

Peter chose ABE because it is flexible and affordable whilst offering excellent quality and international recognition.

Natasha Chatukuta"I chose to study with ABE because it is internationally recognised, offers the best subject combinations and it provides an opportunity to be accepted in the second or third year of a Bachelors degree."

Natasha chose ABE to help her become and entrepreneur and enhance Zimbabwe's tourism industry.


Madhvi VayThe best thing about ABE is that it provides flexibility in the units you do per semester and offers a wide range of opportunities for employment during the course simply because of its structure.  

Madhvi plans to use her qualification to become a senior HR manager or run her own business.

Gisele  BumahThe content of the programme is effective, it brings out your potential and builds you into a professional."

Having completed a degree in Economics, Gisele chose ABE to add to her professional skill set on the recommendation of a mentor.  She plans to use the skills she has gained to help small business owners in her community.

Mimi Mundia“I chose to study ABE to supplement my degree and because it is an internationally accredited course. Furthermore, I liked the subjects on offer. The units seem relevant to the work place and what we learn is applicable practically.”

Mimi is planning to progress to Level 7 and hopes to eventually open her own consultancy.

Shanna Bruno"The best thing about studying with ABE is that the programme is affordable and it teaches me to think outside of the box.  ABE has taught me to analyse the many internal and external factors that affect an organisation much more critically."

Shanna combines study with her work as a loans disbursement officer.  She plans to go onto a Masters qualification and then build her own business using her passion for natural medicine.

KISHAN RATHOD“I have developed my analytical and problem solving skills because the marketing management programme empowered me to be able to analyse a situation and develop a creative solution(s) to that situation. I have also become a better communicator.”

Kishan started studying Business Management but switched to marketing when he found he had a strong interest in this field.  He enjoys the flexible pace of ABE studies and is planning to go on to gain a Bachelors degree.

Joseph Makwangwala"ABE is a better option to acquire the knowledge to run a business if you want to become a successful manager."

Business owner, Joseph, chose ABE to help him hone the skills he needs to grow his company further.

Amosi Robert BAnda“The best thing of studying at ABE is that it’s a body which is recognised, affordable and which provides flexibility in its learning system such that within a semester you can earn a Diploma. It is also an easier way to progress to a bachelor degree with its qualification as most of the universities consider it as being consistent and having the same value with their learning system.”

Amosi studied ABE Human Resources level 5 in Malawi. Taking advantage of ABE flexibility and affordability, he is going on to get a level 6 Diploma so that he can progress to a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management. 

"Jacob NirwaI will continue my work as HR Officer in a hospital of 170 beds, including 5 health Centres with a staff of 140 employees.  My knowledge of various fields in HRM and in other business strategies and practices as a result of my ABE training will be helpful and are greatly needed here."
Jacob needed a formal qualification to help him in his busy role.  He found ABE offered exactly what he wanted.

"Hsu Myat AungI chose to study ABE because it is globally recognised and has very high standards. That’s why winning such a great award really means a lot to me."

Hsu plans to use her ABE qualification to find a job, then top up to an MBA and eventually build her own successful business.