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Picture of Lindiwe Chakhala“The best thing about studying with ABE was the support and encouragement the lecturers gave to my class and the detailed lectures.”

Having completed her ABE qualifications Lindiwe is now going on to study at a UK university.

"Picture of Raj SeenaraineFor me, the ABE course has helped me to acquire a better understanding of the business world, improving my interpersonal and analytical skills, being a people or team leader and has given me other lifelong benefits."

Raj is combining his business education with working as a supervisor in the pharmaceutical industry.

Picture of Galaletsang TsimaneABE produces candidates who are well versed in different professions, focused and well informed about business globally.”

Galaletsang is using her ABE studies to help her develop a career in Botswana's growing tourism industry.

"To succPicture of Kanishtha Maddhooeed in this competitive world, global knowledge is essential and I find ABE is more appropriate than other courses.   ABE is very well respected by both employers and public as it has a good reputation for making people achieve a successful career in business."

Kanishtha had heard good reports about ABE and has found it the ideal qualification to study at her own pace.

Picture of Dhavini Chummun"ABE has taken my independent skills and confidence to another level. I am now a free thinker with a motivated spirit having the ability to develop a strategic perspective. My belief in hard work has been greatly strengthened and on that note I sincerely thank ABE."

Dhavini chose ABE because of its diversity of subjects and its high regard amongst employers. 

Ryan Deonarine with lecturer Miss WinterABE is truly industry relevant in that what I and other students learn from this course can be directly applied to the real world of business, and for me; a person that once hated school due to the monotony and lack of real discussion this was an amazing experience.”             

Ryan (pictured with lecturer, Miss Winter) has found his ABE studies have opened up to a range of possibilities to him.

Picture of Michael Eberechukwu Obasi"The advantages of ABE to me are too numerous to mention and I will always remain grateful to ABE for helping me to become a better person and also for the role it played in reshaping my future for the better."

Having built a successful business in the UK, Michael has now expanded into Nigeria and also found time to be a published author and motivational speaker.

"Siddiqa SattarStudying with ABE, you really feel that you belong to the qualification and that you’ve made a right decision choosing ABE. Moreover, the syllabus and units that are covered, are both theory and practically oriented, this makes studying more fascinating and more stimulating."

Siddiqa chose ABE as she felt it offered the best opportunity to develop her all-round business expertise.

"Picture of Alisha AlliABE offers tremendous flexibility to study and learn at your own pace which is well suited to young professionals like myself with a full-time job and extra-curricular activities.  Also, ABE offers more than theoretical learning and encourages practical thinking which is valuable when managing a company on a daily basis."

Alisha combines study with working as a manager and accountant at a large investment company.

"Picture of Modise NduseABE is rated highly as it tries as much as possible to provide training materials and well equipped trainers who produce good grades and skilled learners as well as taking care of learners' needs."

Modise has a Bachelors degree in design.  He is now studying ABE to further his ambition to become an entrepreneur.

Picture of Alyssa Sawh“I chose to study ABE because I saw the massive impact being ABE qualified had on my co-workers and peers in getting ahead of the rest in their relevant jobs."

Alyssa works as a Customer Care Coordinator at a prominent financial institution, she plans to pursue her professional education and work up to board level in her career.

Picture Aishath Lene Abdulla Amir"During my ABE course, what stood out for me most was that this course took a practical approach towards understanding realistic implementations of businesses."

Aishath is looking to pursue a career in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry whilst progressing with her professional education.