"Picture of Alisha AlliABE offers tremendous flexibility to study and learn at your own pace which is well suited to young professionals like myself with a full-time job and extra-curricular activities.  Also, ABE offers more than theoretical learning and encourages practical thinking which is valuable when managing a company on a daily basis."

Alisha combines study with working as a manager and accountant at a large investment company.

"Picture of Modise NduseABE is rated highly as it tries as much as possible to provide training materials and well equipped trainers who produce good grades and skilled learners as well as taking care of learners' needs."

Modise has a Bachelors degree in design.  He is now studying ABE to further his ambition to become an entrepreneur.

Picture of Alyssa Sawh“I chose to study ABE because I saw the massive impact being ABE qualified had on my co-workers and peers in getting ahead of the rest in their relevant jobs."

Alyssa works as a Customer Care Coordinator at a prominent financial institution, she plans to pursue her professional education and work up to board level in her career.

Picture Aishath Lene Abdulla Amir"During my ABE course, what stood out for me most was that this course took a practical approach towards understanding realistic implementations of businesses."

Aishath is looking to pursue a career in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry whilst progressing with her professional education.

Picture of ABE Pakistan President Muhammad Alamgir"Today’s professional world calls for dynamic individuals owning a diverse set of management skills backed by relevant qualifications. ABE provides you with a platform to adequately meet such challenging demands."

Muhammad Alamgir Chaudhary achieved an ABE Advanced (now called Level 6) Diploma in Business Management in 2007.  He also holds an MSc in Mechanical Engineering and is a highly respected leader of organisations.  He was appointed Honorary President of ABE Pakistan in 2015.

"Picture of Nelson MbeweHere in Malawi ABE is a market leader compared to other examination bodies because its courses are preferred by most employers."

Nelson plans to go on to a Masters degree and eventually run his own successful business.

Picture of Kevin Lewis"I studied with the goal that I must learn and understand all that I can so I can pass my exams and move on not only in the ABE program, but in my professional life where I can apply this knowledge."

Kevin has a full time job in advertising so he chose his ABE course because it offered flexible study whilst providing an in-depth understanding of professional management.

Picture of KARABO KAHURE“The public has an impression that ABE is developing Botswana's economy as students who finish their studies take an initiative to start businesses leading to diversity of the country's wealth.”
Karabo chose ABE to help him in his long term plan to own a hotel.

"Picture of M.Zahid HossainABE studies can take you to heights if you take it seriously. Don’t just study for a diploma, study to learn.”Multitex Group logo

Multitex Group's managing director, Mohammad Zahid Hossain, built a $2-million business and used ABE qualifications to hone his marketing expertise.

Picture of Jonathan Mkwapatira"Studying with ABE is best because it provides different skills which help an individual to manage business easily.  The skills that I have gained with ABE are communication, human resources, marketing and financing; these will help me to be in a position to run a business."

Jonathan plans to use his ABE studies to develop further academically and then run his own business and contribute to employment in Malawi.