Posts from ABE, our students, alumni and friends - enjoy the read

Ruth TeyeRuth plans to use her qualifications to go onto become an HR consultant or a beauty and fashion entrepreneur.

"I chose ABE because I wanted a professional qualification that helps you to climb the academic ladder at a quick pace.  The majority of people who know about ABE see it as a professional course that enhances one’s ability and develops work skills and competencies."


Nformi Tancho.Accounts clerk, Nformi, is ambitious to further both his academic development and professional financial career.

"ABE is highly classified as one of the best and faster to achieve programmes in Cameroon now. I am the second ABE holder to be employed by my employer. They rank ABE as the best qualification due to the outstanding performance and skills we possessed."

Yoon LwinAfter a gap year Yoon had ABE recommended to her as one of the best local study options and she found it had many great selling points.

"ABE lives up to its values and offers confidence in the education we receive because it is globally recognised.  I also like the fact that ABE is flexible. We can take the exam as many times as we like and we can choose not to take the exams for all subjects in one period. Everyone is different and has different capabilities."


Aashni followed in the footsteps of her three sisters when she chose ABE.  She plans to specialise in accountancy and run her own business.

"The majority of businesses here in Kenya require job candidates to have managerial skills to qualify for top positions in their organisations.  The ABE concept comes hand in hand with the skills required for almost any job candidate."


Christian TettehChristian chose ABE because he wanted to differentiate himself in the workplace.  He plans to develop as a marketing manager and entrepreneur.

"A good thing about ABE is that it broadens one's scope in the field of business and work.  I have gained a lot of skills in managing the customer relationship."


Khant NaingKhant originally studied medicine but found his heart wasn't in it.  After searching around, he found the ABE course at MHR offered exactly what he was looking for at an affordable price.

"I had much support from teachers and friends from MHR Institute, studied regularly and, finally, I got the highest marks in Quantitative Methods for Business Management."


Su SandiPharmacy graduate, Su, realised she needed to upgrade her skills when she started working in the banking sector.  Her sister recommended ABE as the best option to provide the business expertise she required. 

"My ambition is to become an outstanding CEO in a reputable organisation. I believe that knowledge from ABE can help me a lot in my future development."

Shushelia RagoobarShushelia felt opportunities were limited in her rural home and wanted to develop a career in business.  She plans to progress with her studies, whilst working, and then use her skills to make a real difference to society as an entrepreneur.

"I chose ABE because I have a passion and interest in the business environment. I wanted to have in my possession an internationally recognised and mobile qualification."

Hnin TunInitially a novice to business, Hnin is now working towards her MBA whilst helping new ABE students and continuing with her ABE studies.

"I believe that ABE qualification holders can get good positions in successful companies and this will be a good help in my career pathway. That's why I chose ABE." 

Hailyanna likes that ABE is flexible enough to allow her to combine study with her job at a bank.  Long term, she plans to run her own business in fashion and beauty.

"ABE helps to create business executives and enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of professionals by offering a wide range of qualifications relevant to the business world... These courses are of high quality and are very much affordable."

Anaka Priscod AkemechaUniversity administrator, Anaka, plans to progress to a Masters degree and use his studies to forge ahead in his career. 

"ABE provides resource material for study which is very useful and I have gained many skills since I started this programme, for example, preparation of budgets for the financial year, auditing information systems , preparing financial statements and management of people."


Caleb KasentimThis is Caleb's third award, having previously won in Employment Relations and Introduction to Travel, Tourism and Hospitality, and gave us this interview after the December 2016 exams session.  

"I chose to study ABE because it is a short route to attain a degree as well as a professional qualification recognised globally.  "