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Linda WilkinHaving a qualification that develops great business skills will get you on the career ladder but, to get to the next level, you need to display the attributes that managers value.   ABE's head of marketing, Linda Wilkin, describes how you can go about this. 

Olushola SalamiA-Square Consulting"Studying ABE courses had contributed a lot to my career progression as it opened ways for me to explore the dynamism in the changing global business environment. It has contributed a lot to my experience  in life as most of the things I learnt in the classroom are now being used practically by me." 

Olushola has his own business and a career he loves in Nigeria.  He tells how it all started with his ABE course in London.

Fifteen year old Magnus, had a week's work experience at ABE.   He shares his story ....

Katrina Belgrove"I have been  exposed to a wide variety of courses which have given me a diverse pool of knowledge, for instance business law, marketing and project management. This I can definitely say has helped to prepare me for the real business world as well as my current degree programme with respect to enhanced critical thinking and analytical skills."

Kabrina is now studying for a degree with the University of Sunderland and long term plans to run her own business.  She also shares the study tips which have helped her become this year's most successful Level 6 learner.

Josefa Spiteri"Through my studies for an ABE qualification I have managed to widen my academic spectrum with the assimilation of new knowledge gained from the lectures and the study manuals themselves, and in turn disseminated such knowledge with my colleagues and my pupils."

Josefa achieved an impressive Top Paper Award in three subjects, whilst working as a teacher and studying for a Masters in Education.  She tells how her ABE studies have helped in her work.

"Cindy AlexanderI opted for ABE, among a myriad of other options, as the programme offers the right mix of modules at an affordable cost and flexible timing so I could achieve a work, life and study balance."

Cindy works in a senior role in the public sector.  She decided to study for ABE qualifications when she found an increased emphasis placed on academic development to support promotion and career advancement.

 Han Phyo Oo"ABE has now become well-known in Myanmar and I notice that recent successful organisations recognise ABE graduates for job application purposes. This is because most top level managers themselves hold ABE qualifications. I also believe ABE qualifications have nurtured and developed those successful business entrepreneurs to be who they are now. "

Double Top Paper Award winner, Han, plans to continue with ABE to Level 6 and go on to an MBA.  He will then use his skills to run his family business.

"Lystra Hewitt Rocke I chose ABE because the programme provides flexibility, well structured modules and useful resources.  ABE is gaining in recognition by organisations . A number of schools offer the tuition so that a wide cross section of people from the workplace enrol in the classes and are successful thereby enhancing their performance." 

Recruitment officer, Lystra, has found her ABE studies have given her greater insight into her work.  Long term she plans to use her knowledge for consultancy and mentoring.

"Terri-Leanne BruffABE is tailored to the individual student’s lifestyle. It is not specific to any demographic and the course syllabus is so broad it encompasses all aspects of business. Upon passing, a student’s employability is increased in this demanding and competitive environment."

Terri-Leanne is combining work with study.  Long term she plans to travel the world and run her own successful enterprise.

Shandan Tessa Samuel"I would recommend anyone with a passion for higher learning to explore the opportunities available with ABE UK.  With a dash of ambition, a few drops of discipline and time management you can achieve whatever goals you set for yourself."

Shandan has managed to successfully study ABE whilst working full-time, being a single parent and running her own small enterprise.  She is an amazing example of what you can achieve.


"The unique and contemporary syllabus provides the requisite competencies to attain employability in the labour market, no matter how tight."

Victor was initially planning to study law but chose ABE after recommendations led him to review the syllabus.  

"Carrol Mohamed -I looked at the ABE programme as a way of giving me a ‘business’ base with more  flexibility and room for upward mobility as opposed to the Accounting degree I was pursuing"

Carrol works for the University of the West Indies and started studying for a degree in accounts but found her interest and her career was veering to project management.  She enrolled with ABE at Level 6 to get the all round business expertise she was looking for and plans to use it to go on to a Masters in Project Management.