Case study: digital marketing skills development project in Indonesia

Unibridge Binus picture.

ABE is working with Unibridge on a project funded by the Indonesian government to provide accredited learning with external assessment translated into Bahasa Indonesia so that learners gain internationally recognised certificates.  To do this, we are working with local networks of training providers (both Higher Education and Applied Learning institutions) to support scale-up, and local partners to provide Quality Assurance and external assessment in the local language.

Project goals:

  • Improved employability of learners.
  • Improved mobility of learners i.e. they can get jobs in other ASEAN countries, or in other regions.
  • Improved learner progression, in particular they can progress on to business administration training programmes.
  • Improved career progression through recognition of employee skills and through learning progression.

Skills solution

The solution includes four components:

  • Teacher support and a complete set of learning materials translated into Bahasa Indonesia to support rapid adoption.
  • International certification by ABE to provide recognition by employers, mobility of employees and progression routes on to further learning.
  • Close collaboration with a local partner to translate materials and provide independent quality assurance services.
  • Marking and moderation of examinations using operations in Jakarta which are under the management control of ABE UK.