Social impact

ABE was formed in 1973 with a clear social purpose: to improve business education for aspiring professionals in developing nations and to make high-quality higher education available to people who may otherwise find it difficult to access.  

Here are a couple of examples demonstrating how ABE's business qualifications are empowering people.

Gambibgo Anongtaaba Basket Weavers Association, Ghana  

Agrifor, Kenya

Agrifor is a social enterprise that helps to generate income for poor rural and commercial farmers by supplying high quality germplasm (seed and seedlings), and consultancy services for farm production and produce.

To overcome the common challenge faced by most start-ups which is inadequate finance, Agrifor developed a clear pricing strategy.  The founders also worked to build long-term relationships with customers thereby securing pre-orders and developing an assured income flow. In addition, they tackled the seasonal nature of their business by diversification and now offer training, seminars and demonstrations to support the enterprise all year round.


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