Exam regulations

Student ABE

Conduct during examinations

The ABE Examination Regulations apply to every candidate sitting an ABE examination.

To download a copy of these regulations, PDF icon click here. Your attendance at an ABE exam will be regarded as proof of having read and agreed with these terms.

Failure to comply with these Regulations will be deemed malpractice and may result in disqualification from the exam in question, or all future ABE examinations. Repeated or serious malpractice, including attempted acts of impersonation, may lead to termination of your ABE membership. What to bring:

  • valid photo ID (Passport, National Identity Card or Photographic Driving License - an ABE membership card is not valid ID.)
  • blue or black pen for completing the examination

Please arrive at the exam venue 30 minutes before the examination start time. Candidates who arrive up to one hour after the start time of the examination may still attempt the exam, but will not be granted extra time. Candidates who arrive after this time will not be permitted to sit the examination.

Candidates must not communicate or collude with, copy from, or disrupt in any other way another candidate.

Candidates are not allowed to use mobile phones or similar devices for any purpose during the examination. Mobile phones must not be used as calculators.

Candidates are not allowed to take the following items to an examination desk: books, date tables, notes, paper, blotting paper, dictionaries (including bi-lingual or electronic) or any other written material (even if it does not relate to the examination being sat).