Exam timetable

ABE Examination Timetable

Botswana students have a separate timetable, if you are in Botswana please download this NQF PDF document:  

PDF iconDec16 NQF Exam Timetable for Botswana only.pdf

The general exam timetable can be viewed below or you can download this PDF document:

PDF iconDec16 QCF Exam Timetable.pdf

Date Morning Afternoon
Monday 5th December -Understanding Entrepreneurship
-Information Systems Development
-Managing the Customer Relationship
-Corporate Strategy and Planning
-Accounting for Financial Managers
-Introduction to Marketing
-Introduction to Management Information Systems
-Organisational Behaviour
-Integrated Marketing Communications
-Strategic Human Resource Management
Tuesday 6th December -Enterprise Start-up
-Financial Accounting
-Principles of Marketing
-People Planning and Resourcing
-Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Operations Management
-International Marketing
-Managing in Organisations
-Business Plan for Enterprise Start-up
-Personnel Administration
-The Business Environment
-International Business Case Study
-Sustainable Tourism, Planning and Development
Wednesday 7th December -Introduction to Accounting
-Introduction to Travel, Tourism and Hospitality
-Managing People
-Human Resource Management
-Sales Management
-Introduction to Business
-Quantitative Methods for Business Management
-Travel, Tourism and Hospitality
-Contemporary Hospitality Management
Thursday 8th December -Introduction to Quantitative Methods
-Principles of Business Law
-Systems Management and Internal Financial Controls
-Contemporary Issues in Marketing
-International Travel, Tourism and Hospitality
-International Business Finance & Planning
-Introduction to Business Communication
-Employment Relations
-Marketing Policy, Planning and Communication
-Corporate Finance
-Information Systems for Strategic Management
-Performance Management and Reward
-Strategic Business Management and Planning
Friday 9th December -Information Systems Applications for Business
-Managerial Accounting
-Marketing Information Systems
-Personnel Information Systems
-Project Management
-Entrepreneurship and Business Development
-Economics for Business
-Human Resource Development
-IT in Hospitality and Tourism Operations
-Managing Organisational Change and Development
-Strategic Marketing Management