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How do I pay ABE?

ABE centres can take all payments on our behalf.  For many centres and learners, going through the accredited ABE centre for payments and admin is the most straightforward route.

There is also the option of learners paying us directly and this is preferred by some centres and students. The simplest method of this is usually via WU GlobalPay for students.  

WU GlobalPay for students (do not use if you are in Malawi or Sri Lanka go to your country page for local information)

Registration, membership, assessment and other fees can be paid using: WU® GlobalPay for Students. 

Please note, this service only takes fees at the standard global rate for ABE so please double check that there are no local discounts. If not, WU GlobalPay represents a fast and reliable service that allows you to pay in your local currency via bank transfer, credit card, or by using a wide range of local online payment options including Alipay, UnionPay and more, without incurring any transaction charges. You will have peace of mind that your payment will arrive in full with our preferred payment service.  Please allow 3-5 working days to process your payment once paid through the platform.

Link to WU GlobalPay for Students payment page

  • Pay fees in your local currency
  • Pay online or by bank transfer – no need to go to a Western Union retail agent
  • Avoid fees and international foreign exchange charges from your bank
  • Get price and payment options upfront with a price comparison tool
  • Rest assured knowing your payments are received in full 
  • Easy to use on smartphones and other mobile devices
  • Track your payment status by text and email

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You can find out more here on our 'How it works video'