What is the Annual Subscription and when is it due? | ABE UK

What is the Annual Subscription and when is it due?

In order to keep your ABE membership active, you need to pay a subscription fee every year. This enables you to take ABE assessments and access all the study resources on the ABE Portal.

When your subscription is due: a reminder will appear in your portal six weeks before the due date.  We will also send a reminder email if we have your current email address. Your subscription fee payment needs to be received before the due date or your membership will lapse. It is important you have an active membership before booking assessments.

Reactivation / returning students

If you have previously registered with ABE and have a membership number, but your membership has lapsed, you must reactivate it using File this form.  Use the reactivation form even if you can no longer remember your membership number.

Do not register as a new member even if you intend to take up a new programme.  

If you are unsure of your membership status, please email us and we will advise you whether or not your membership has lapsed.

Sri Lanka and Malawi students have slightly different forms please contact [email protected] for a copy.