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iQualify UK (offers distance learning)

Centre details

11 Selsdon Way E14 9GL London
United Kingdom

Centre details

11 Selsdon Way E14 9GL London
United Kingdom
+44 (0)20 3743 1808 (option 3)

ABE in United Kingdom

ABE is a UK-based company accredited by Ofqual.


ABE's internationally recognised qualifications give you the skills to build an outstanding business career.  They also provide a fast, affordable route to a Bachelors or Masters (MBA) degree.  

ABE is known for its relevant, accessible and affordable business qualifications which are flexible enough for you to study at your own pace, paying for assessments when you are ready to take them. Employers value ABE qualified staff because they know how to make a difference in the workplace and many former ABE learners are now using the expertise gained from their studies to run their own successful businesses.

If you dream of success, we are here to help you achieve that goal.

Find out more about ABE qualifications here or, if you know which qualification you wish to study, read on to join us now.

Join us now - registration is half price!

Sign up to study for an ABE Diploma for approximately 50% off the registration fee - contact an ABE  accredited centre  (see list below - not all offer Business Management qualifications) to join us and take advantage of this one-off discount.



United Kingdom

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