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ABE offers an excellent opportunity for colleges and learning providers of quality in Somaliland.

ABE is known for its relevant, accessible and affordable business and entrepreneurial qualifications.  Employers value ABE qualified staff because they know how to make a difference in the workplace.

Our internationally recognised qualifications give graduates the skills to build an outstanding business career.  They also provide a fast, affordable route to a Bachelors or Masters (MBA) degree.  

For people who dream of success, ABE qualifications can help them achieve that goal. 

ABE Endorsed

ABE Somaliland is also pleased to offer ABE Endorsed to providers of high-quality in-house training. This internationally recognised mark of quality confirms excellence, thereby increasing the programme's value and marketability.

ABE Endorsed demonstrates to stakeholders an organisation's commitment to providing outstanding training and development.  ABE Endorsed programmes stand out from similar training offered by competitors.

For learners, ABE Endorsed provides the assurance that their course is highly credible and meets international standards.  At the end of their ABE Endorsed course, learners receive a certificate featuring the branding of a respected international awarding body.  An ABE Endorsed certificate provides transportable evidence of high-quality CPD and learning.

Area manager

Mark Berger

+252 63 662 5862. WhatsApp: +44 7971 032666