Self study guy ABE

Although we have a great choice of accredited centres and distance learning providers, self-study is popular option for learners who want the flexibility to study in their own time and at their own pace. We have many success stories from those who have committed to studying on their own.

ABE provides comprehensive online resources which are available in the Members Area section of our website. Once you have registered with ABE you will be able to access these resources.

How to become an ABE self-study learner

There are two simple steps to self-studying for an ABE qualification:

Step 1: Decide which qualification you wish to study.

If you are undecided Business Management is a good place to start because you get an all-round grounding in business and with ABE you can easily opt to specialise in a particular discipline at a later stage.  Click here if you wish to go to our qualifications pages.

Step 2: Register with ABE and start working through the resources in the Members Area.

Once you feel you have mastered a unit, simply book onto the exam or assignment (you can use our past papers to test your knowledge prior to booking). A great advantaged of ABE is that units can be studied in any order and over any time period so take as much or as little time as you need.