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Testimonial topic For Learning providers

As centre head of the Institute of Universal Higher Studies (IUHS Campus), Sanjeevika has shown exceptional dedication. To inspire her students she elected to take all six Level 6 units in a single sitting despite dealing with the challenge and demands of running a busy centre during a pandemic. Not only did she do this, she also managed to achieve a Top Paper Award. She is now planning to continue to sit every Level 6 unit in every stream so that, in addition to developing her own skillset, she will speak from the heart when she recommends the programmes to prospective students.
Starfish sees local entrepreneurship as a way forward for these young girls and wanted to introduce ABE L2 Setting Up Your Own Business because they recognise the value of the ABE brand, content, and the credential, to enhance the great work they are already doing...
ABE students with Max Persaud - senior ABE tutor
Read about the impact just two courses in Setting Up Your Own Business, run by Nations School of Business and Management, had on the cohorts of teenagers who participated. The results are a true testament to the programme's success.
The ABE qualification is designed to bring together management, financing, marketing, human resources and business, so you’ll have the practical skills employers need.