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Testimonial topic For Learners

Asongfack Abit Abigail
One of the most amazing things about studying with ABE is their continuous improvements, flexibility and reorganisation to provide their students with the best learning experiences and outcomes possible.
I chose to do ABE because I rightly thought that it would equip me with the required knowledge and skills to pursue a career as a marketing professional. I also liked the course because I could acquire knowledge and skills in business management simultaneously with training as a marketer.
Denicia Martin
The best thing about studying with ABE is that the modules are intense but well-structured and very informative on different aspects of business.
Claude Kamanga
ABE has gained a reputation among employers in Malawi because most of us ABE graduates have proved to be very productive compared with other graduates with similar qualifications. As a result, we are more competitive in the job market.
DORis Mhango
I was employed as a Registry Clerk but, in the middle of my studies after completing Level 5 Diploma, I was promoted to the post of an Assistant Human Resource Management Officer because of the skills that I acquired with ABE.
Prince Ali
The best thing about studying for an ABE qualification is that it broadens your mind about how business works. I feel I have gained the skill to be able to manage a small business.
I chose ABE because it provides students who did not qualify for a direct entry to university with a second opportunity
Lisa Charles
The ABE programme is widely recognised in my country as students and organisations have highly rated the achievements, flexibility and affordability of the courses offered.