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Testimonial topic For Learners

I hope my story will inspire current and future ABE students to believe and realise that it is possible to rise from humble academic beginnings to the highest possible level of their academic journey.
Ye Htet Lwin Oo
As a successful entrepreneur who donates his time to support ASEAN young people, ABE alumnus Ye Htet Lwin Oo is a great embodiment of the ABE way.
Sarah Savory
My ABE qualifications have now opened avenues for development and have given me invaluable self-assurance in my ability to capably accomplish my career goals and to further pursue higher education qualifications.
The best aspect of ABE for me is both the promotion of English and some future-oriented subjects such as entrepreneurship, innovation and project management. With this programme, learning requires a certain openness of mind to understand and think like you're in business.
ABE is a highly sought-after qualification especially amongst working professionals and the young workforce with a plan to climb the corporate ladder.
The impression the public and employers has towards ABE in Malawi is that ABE is credible, rich and produces skilful and knowledgeable candidates. Both the public and employers have known ABE examinations to be tough as such they feel it brings and shapes a good product, which is the candidates.
Studying with ABE helps you to become the one that you thought you could not be, as it brings out the inherent genius in you through professional development.
Both the public and employers recognise ABE as a great course. Research done by large universities in Sri Lanka recommends this course as a professional qualification. ABE serves its purpose of delivering world-class courses appreciated by both the public and employers of Sri Lanka.
ABE is held with high regard as the qualification used for entry into administrative positions both in public and private sectors. The best thing about studying with ABE is that it is highly recognised and it's very affordable. Also, the credits that each course offers are more than other institutions offer. In addition, the resources provided are tailored to career enhancement.