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Testimonial topic For Learners

I want to broaden my knowledge in all aspects of marketing and business management and ABE provides all of that. It also provides reading resources that are simple to understand, this made me be successful in my studies.
ABE is flexible and affordable, especially in this difficult economic period. The modules are designed and tailored so that it is easy to apply to any work environment giving its students a competitive advantage. I love doing research work therefore the assignments were intellectually stimulating, challenging and practical for me.
Caroline Kankuzi
ABE is one of the institutional bodies which the public and employers recognise as offering excellent tertiary education. My plan is to complete the other levels and enrol for the degree programme which has just been introduced.
I chose ABE because it has an outstanding global reputation and it is very flexible to study. ABE is very practical and challenges you to be the very best in the workplace.
Ciya Hassan
The ABE programme is a highly preferred qualification in the Maldives, particularly among working professionals and young workers who want to advance in their careers. The programmes are designed in such a way that is applicable to the real world.
The best thing about studying with ABE is the fact that it creates a platform for self-creative knowledge. You can study at ease, from a wide range of options, at a very convenient pace, with the availability of enough study material, it gives the opportunity to do research. You can be at forums which allow one to do their best and come out with excellent grades whilst pursuing any career in life with confidence. I think that’s a good thing and it’s a kudos to ABE.
Almost every subject requires us to analyse or evaluate a real-world company. It is interesting as then we come to know about the practical scenarios of management. I believe it is a distinctive feature of this course and it makes us competitive in the corporate sector.
The best thing about studying with ABE is that it is a flexible course; it allows you to think outside the box and provides the necessary equipment to ensure that studying with ABE is comfortable.
ABE is widely accepted by employers because the courses are very much related to any business working environment... More people are applying to do ABE courses because of the reviews and recommendations of previous students.
My studies enhanced and developed my skills, knowledge and attitude in people management, training and development, communication, organisational behaviour, and finance, just to name a few. I was able to immediately put into practice what I learnt and add value to my employer which contributed to my appointment as Human Resource Officer.