Testimonial topic For Learners

Sasha Lewis
ABE gives you everything that you would need in order to thrive and have the upper hand in and out of the classroom; from team-working and becoming a leader to an ethical professional. This programme is more than just pen and paper but a holistic guide for a successful future.
Temitope Olaitan- Adeyemi
There are quite a number of advantages to studying with ABE, one of the things I enjoy is the flexibility they provide in learning, which makes it convenient for work and education balance.
Tajoo Nidaa Bibi
For nearly 2 years since I joined work, I have been thinking about what further studies to pursue until I came across the ABE website where I learnt that it offers professional courses at affordable prices and also a pathway to fast track to a university degree.
Sona Mugunthan
ABE has helped me think of creative solutions when faced with difficult situations and has encouraged thinking outside the box.
Prince Ganizani Matola
In Malawi, having an ABE qualification, for example, L4, L5 and L6 a person can easily get employed in large organisations and on higher positions.
Juzer Hunaid
ABE’s internationally recognised qualifications give one the skills to build an outstanding business career. Employees value ABE qualified staff because they know how to make a difference in the work place.
Gopaul Ramgobin
The best thing about studying ABE is the flexibility of study, where the program caters for the working class. Students are able to work, study and still have time to have a personal life.
Flocy Banda
The tip I would give to ABE members who are currently studying is be willing to put in work in order to get great results, and do not be limited to the sources for studying provided by ABE, find other sources to study from in relation to the course.
Evelyn Herrera
The best thing about studying with ABE is the flexibility and the course structure is very helpful for working students like me. It gives us an opportunity to work and study at the same time and doesn’t cost us a fortune.
Marie Belinda Henri
My tip for other ABE learners is that there is no age to start studying. Even if you are a late developer, with perseverance and trust, you can reach your goals and objectives that you have targeted.